Can payment be made other than by credit / debit card ?

Yes, payment can be made via our online system with just about any major credit / debit card. The system is run by PayPal so to pay with a credit / debit card, just follow the payment process until it asks for your paypal account details and at that time go for the option that says PAY WITH CREDIT CARD.

Can payment be made by cheque or purchase order ?

Yes. See the Contact Us page for contact details, then post the cheque made payable to Team-wise (Uk) Ltd, or send the purchase order by email or fax.

Are reels one long length ?

There may be a break in the cord on a reel due to the manufacturing process. Reels can be supplied as a continuous length, however it is a laborious and time consuming process to check each one so we make a small charge to cover this. To request a continous reel of any thickness of bungee , just add the item to the shopping cart, then go back to the item page and follow the link to the continuous length option page to request and pay for the continuous length option.

Does the bungee come with hooks attached ?

There are a few specialist hook tie fittings already made up with a hook attached. Other than those, no cord has hooks attached.

If two lengths of the same thickness and colour of bungee are ordered at the same time, will they be sent as one length ?

Yes. If for example you order a length of 1m of 8mm black bungee cord on the same order as a length of 5m of 8mm black bungee cord, then you will receive a single length of 6m. This is done automatically on every order. If this is not want you want ie you did want a 1m length and separate 5m length then send us an email at the time of making your order telling us to send them separately.

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