Bungee Hooks Plastic

bungee hooks 5mm plastic

Comes in two parts, hook and sleeve.

Suitable for Bungee diameter - 5mm

Hook overall length is approximately 45mm.

Ideal for camping and general applications.

Hooks are supplied for use with bungee cord. They are best fitted by cutting the bungee cord and then sealing the ends, typically done with an electric tool called a hot knife. Once the bungee is prepared it is then a case of sliding the sleeve onto the bungee, then the hook, then sliding the sleeve over the base of the hook.

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1 hook and sleeve @ £2.50

2 hooks and sleeves @ £3.00

6 hooks and sleeves @ £5.00

10 hooks and sleeves @ £8.00

100 hooks and sleeves @ £60.00

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