Bungee Cord

Bungee Cord supplies high quality, brand new, two component construction Bungee cord. Bungee cord is competitively priced. (Also called Elastic Rope and Shock Cord)

Bungee cord specification

  • High quality
  • Tough woven outer sheath

Bungee cord colours

Solid black
White (with a blue fleck)
bungee cord - black
bungee cord - white

Bungee cord uses

  • Tent Pole Shock cord Peg loops
  • Outdoor clothing and sports wear
  • Day sacks
  • Tarpaulin and awning tie downs
  • Covers for trailers, cars, boats and outdoor furniture
  • Canoes, Kayaks and Small Boards
  • Trampolines
  • Indoor or outdoor use

Bungee cord lengths

Bungee cord is available on the reel or by the length.
bungee cord - black reel

Bungee ties with balls or hooks

Also available are the ever popular bungee ball ties and bungee hook ties. Ideal for fixing tarpaulins and awnings in place.

bungee ball and hook ties

Bungee cord pricing

Bungee cord / Shock cord prices are stated as what you pay, there are no extras. Bungee cord prices include packing, shipping within the UK and vat.


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